I am a postgraduate at Georgia Institute of Technology, working in the field of Human–Computer Interaction. My objective is to help  Simplify  technology so that novice developers can learn quickly and a new wave of people get access to technology.

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Virtual Bricks

CHI 2019, Full Paper
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A toolkit which allows VR developers to build a physical-manipulation enabled controller of any shape or size.


UIST 2018, SIC
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A robot which can be controlled using music and speech.


Android Store
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A platform which empowers people who lack photo/video editing skills to become a part of the meme conversation.


Design 360, 2016
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Conceptualised and designed for a design hackathon, BeatDrop is a social media platform that connects users based on their music interests.

Fake News

Research Experience
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Fake News detection by integrating multiple modalities such as text, images, video, etc. in a single model.

Effective Traffic Management

Delhi Traffic Police
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A project in collaboration with the Delhi Traffic Police which aims to automate parts of the traffic management process.


Physical Product at 3 MNCs
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A vending machine which aims to improve the customer experience while purchasing food items, the customers can just pick products and walk away.

Braille Printer

Best Freshman Project
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A prototype of a Braille printer under $5 using old CD/DVDs.