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Braille Printer

To print any text, the user would connect their phone to the printer using Bluetooth and send the print command.
We built a 3axis CNC using Servo motors from old CD/DVD drives. We made the chassis of the printer built using old wooden pieces from disposed furniture and the case of the CD drivers. We used a Bluetooth module for communication. We plugged all the motors through motor drivers and used an Arduino for processing. The whole system cost about $5.
We won the best project award and were selected for showcase at the Delhi Mini Maker Fair in front of an audience of about five hundred people.


A wearable to be worn around the neck that taps onto the olfactory senses to remind the user (astronaut in our case) of their loved ones. Our device is designed taking into account the low gravity situation at space stations (though unable to test this) for astronauts staying away from home for long durations. We a touch/kiss-based and a timer-based trigger to release the scent associated with a particular loved one. Further details can be found in our video and on our website.
Video: LINK
Website: LINK

Employee Chat

Led formative research to understand client requirements and deployed a chatbot used to measure employee satisfaction level in an office of about 1000 employees. The chatbot will be able to talk to employees about their issues in working for any organization and send out their feelings and issues to the HR Department for further analytics. It provides a human-friend like experience wherein the employee feels comfortable in talking about their attitude and feelings towards the organization they are working for.

Fake News Detection

Fake news is spreading like wildfire across all media consumption platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and has recently started making its way into contemporary Instant Messaging Platforms (IMs) like Whatsapp. In the case of news on social media platforms, we have a lot of information available like it’s user, likes, shares, propagation pathways, etc. Fake news can be used for a number of malicious reasons such as political agendas, personal agendas, provide bogus health services, etc. We can study patterns to detect which news articles are reliable and which aren’t; a lot of this information can also be attributed to the users responsible for spreading the fake news article. However, this information isn’t available in the case of IMs.
We built a solution which detects fake news only on the basis of content and doesn’t rely on any network information. Our model to be replicable on any Online Social Media or Instant Messaging Service or any network with modalities incorporated in our model.

Traffic Management

Traffic congestion is a major concern in highly populated metropolitan cities. In developing countries, most of the traffic management is done manually. While building better roads, new flyovers, etc help reduce traffic congestion, we ask the question if existing resources are being used optimally. The aim of our project is to assist the traffic management authorities in our city by automating some management processes. Our project is two fold - automate congestion detection and to help the local traffic cop with efficient traffic management by providing a real-time traffic analysis.
We are working with in collaboration with our city's Traffic Police where we are making a congestion notification platform and a traffic analysis app for the local traffic cop. Our major contribution lies in the fact that we do not any more infrastructure in terms of traffic monitoring cameras, vehicle counters, etc. We're using a combination of various online APIs to analyse and predict traffic conditions.