A toolkit that enables developers to build custom VR controllers with features like rotation, translation, and stretch
Published as a full paper in CHI 2019
Created VR experiences that portrayed versatility, flexibility, and robustness
Jatin Arora, Varnit Jain, Nirmita Mehra, Aman Parnami, Aryan Saini, Shwetank Shrey
C#, Unity 3D, Arduino, NodeJs
Full Paper
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Timeline (May '18 - Nov '18)

Literature Review
7 weeks
Analysed literature to understand the field of VR controllers and define our problem statement
Design Space
7 weeks
Defined the design space which encompasses the functionalities and possibilites of the toolkit.
VR Development
10 weeks
Designed and developed VR experiences and set up lag-free serial communication
4 weeks
Completed research deliverables as per ACM CHI format